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Week of July 21-July 25

Courier Article Tues.
Leaves of three, let it be
Monday July21
mp3 graphic Weather Update
Tuesday July22
mp3 graphic Spraying corn fungicides?
Wednesday July23
mp3 graphic

Wheat Wednesday - 2014 season recap
Thursday July24
mp3 graphic Corn pollination time
mp3 graphic Cucumber Beetles

Week of July 14-18

Courier Article Tues.
Farmers watch for soybean diseases
Monday July14
mp3 graphic

Late Nitrogen apps for corn
Tuesday July15
mp3 graphic Know your soybean growth stages
Wednesday July16
mp3 graphic Wheat Wednesday - Nutrient value of wheat straw
Thursday July17
mp3 graphic Phytophthora in soybeans
Friday July18
mp3 graphic Horticulture - Pick vegetables to stimulate more produce

Week of July 7 - 11

Courier Article Tues.
Wheat harvest, storms don't mix
Monday July7
mp3 graphic Corn development
Tuesday July8
mp3 graphic Large giant ragweed in soybeans
Wednesday July9
mp3 graphic
Wheat Wednesday - Nearing harvest
Thursday July10
mp3 graphic Entomology - Kudzu bugs in soybeans
Friday July11
mp3 graphic

Horticulture - July gardening activities (see pg. 2)

Week of June 30 - July 4

Courier Article Tues.
Ohio cropland values, cash rents both expected to fall during 2014
Monday June30
mp3 graphic PEDV virus vaccine available for piglets
Tuesday July1
mp3 graphic Survey results for presence of Western Bean Cutworm
Wednesday July2
mp3 graphic

GMO's - England and Spain at odds with European Union import ban
Thursday July3
mp3 graphic
Beef production numbers down - prices still going up
Friday July4

Independence Day - No Ag Talk Radio Program, OSU Extension Office Closed

Week of June 23 - 27

Courier Article Tues.
Sweet clover and wild parsnip provide yellow roadside flowers
Monday June23
mp3 graphic Asiatic Garden Beetle
Tuesday June24
mp3 graphic Soybean Insects (lack of issues)
Wednesday June25
mp3 graphic

Survey results on cropland values and cash rents
Thursday June26
mp3 graphic Potato Leaf Hopper
Friday June27
mp3 graphic Bagworms

Week of June 16-20

Courier Article Tues.
All parts of this plant (Poison Hemlock) are poisonous
Monday Jun16
mp3 graphic Rootless & Floppy Corn
Tuesday Jun17
mp3 graphic Soybean - slow growth
Wednesday Jun18
mp3 graphic

Wheat Wednesday - nearing harvest (new look to scab risk tool)
Thursday Jun19
mp3 graphic Poison Hemlock
mp3 graphic Entomology - Mosquitoes

Week of June 9 - 13

Courier Article Tues.
Pond cultivators can fish for answers at program (June 19)
Monday June9
mp3 graphic Corn Nematode
Tuesday June10
mp3 graphic Cressleaf Groundsel
Wednesday June11
mp3 graphic

Wheat Wednesday - Low threat of headscab in 2014
Thursday June12
mp3 graphic Pond Clinic - June 19
mp3 graphic Honeybee swarms
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