Edwin Lentz, Ph.D., Hancock County Educator, Agriculture and Natural Resources; Associate Professor
Educator, Agriculture and Natural Resources
Agronomic Crops and Soil Fertility
OSU Extension Hancock County

Ed has worked with OSU Extension since 1997 and has been an Educator in Hancock County since 2011. Below is his brief Curriculum Vita:


     August 1990: Doctor of Philosophy        Crop Production & Physiology, Iowa State University

     August 1982: Master of Science              Agronomy (Plant Breeding), University of Missouri

     December 1980: Bachelor of Science           Agriculture (Agronomy), University of Missouri



     2018-Present: Professor, Dept. of Extension, OSU, Findlay, OH

     2002-2017: Associate Professor, Dept. of Extension, OSU, Findlay and Tiffin, OH

     1997-2002: Assistant Professor, Dept. of Extension, OSU, Findlay, OH

     2008-2009: Senior Agronomist, Countrymark Cooperative, Indianapolis, IN

     1990-1993: Regional Agronomist, Cargill Hybrid Seeds, Aurora, IL

     1984-1989: Agronomy Instructor, Iowa State University, Ames, IA

     1982-1984: Agronomy Instructor, Truman State University (formerly Northeast Missouri State Univ.), Kirksville, MO



2015:   Ohio Small Grains Board, Profitable Wheat Production, $24.498 (Co-PI).

2015:   Ohio Corn Marketing Program, Ohio Corn Fertilizer Recommendations, $281,980 (Co-PI).

2015:   Ohio Wheat Marketing Program, Ohio Wheat Marketing Program, Ohio Wheat Fertilizer Recommendations, $128,124 (Co-PI)

2007:   Great Lakes Protection Fund, Phosphorus Soil Test Metric for Reducing Dissolved Phosphorus, $947,000 (Co-PI)

2002:   USDA Midwest Regional Canola Research Project (renewed for 10 years), Introducing Winter Canola to the Midwest, $$1,101,973 (Total Award) (Co-PI)



     2019-Present: Regional Vice-Chair, Recognition & Awards Committee, National Association of County Agriculture Agents

     2019-Present: Chairman, NCERA 103 Committee: Specialized Soil Amendments and Products, Growth Stimulants and Soil Fertility Management Programs

     2019-Present: Chairman, Crop Science Society of America, Extension Education Award Committee

     2019-Present: American Society of Agronomy Extension and Education Award Committee

     2019-Present: Soil Science Society of America, Extension and Education Award Committee



2011-present:   1820 Extension radio programs

2011-present:   354 Extension newspaper columns

2017-present:   Extension Education programs & teaching: 359 events (21,545 participants)

2017-present:   Extension publications & national/international presentations: 51

1997-present:   Abstracts and short entries: 60+

1997-present:   Bulletins/tech reports/fact sheets: 110

1997-present:   Chapter in a book: 1

1997-present:   National Conferences: 21

1984-1989:       Agronomy Instructor, responsible for laboratories of Agronomy Plant Science, Grain and Forage Management and 10 teaching assistants; Assistant Coach Crop Judging Team. Iowa State Univ. Ames

1982-1984:       Instructor, Plant Science, Soil Science, Forages, Weed Science, Soil Fertility, Plant Diseases. Northeast Missouri State Univ. (now Truman State Univ.), Kirksville, MO

1982-1984:       Undergraduate Student Advisor: 50 agriculture students, co-advisor: undergraduate Agriculture Club, Northeast Missouri State University (now Truman State Univ.), Kirksville, MO



1980-Present: American Society of America (ASA)

1987-Present: Crop Science Society of America (CSSA)

1997-Present: National Association of County Agriculture Agents (NACAA)

2007-Present: Soil Science Society of America (SSSA)

2013-Present: Joint Council of Extension Professionals (JCEP)

1994-Present: Certified Crop Adviser



2019 & 2020:   National Finalist, Communication Award – Bound Book, NACAA

2017 & 2019    National Finalist, Agriculture Awareness and Appreciation Award, NACAA

2015 & 2017:   National Finalist, Communication Award – Audio Recording, NACAA

2014:                National Winner, Applied Research Poster Competition, NACAA

2014:                National Finalist, Communications Award – Personal Column, NACAA




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*corresponding author