Submitted April 10, 2023 on behalf of the Club News Reporter, Ava Courtney

At this weeks meeting we participated in trash pickup which made our community look significantly better. Thank you to all who helped. We discussed who the founder of 4-H is, and what the 4-H motto is, “To Make The Best Better”.

Multiple members discussed their past experiences from 4-H camp and the multiple opportunities it provides from friendships to experiences.

Camp scholarships are due April 17, and they need to be signed by an advisor. 

You may add or drop 4-H projects until June 1, an advisor will have to sign that paper also.

All Rabbit exhibitors will NEED a new project book this year.

The next meeting will be May 8 @7 at community park. A makeup meeting will be available on May 14 @7 at the Price’s, No Clover-Bud meetings will be available at makeup meetings.