The 4-H Advisory Council consists of 22 adults and 11 teens. The council works closely with the 4-H Educator to plan and direct the 4-H program in Hancock County.

2022 Officers:

President - Keith Russell

Secretary - Edy Gierke

Vice President - Mimi Burner

Treasurer - Kathy McGrain 

Please contact Lauren Burner-Kitzler or phone 419-422-3851 if you are interested in serving on the 4-H Advisory Council.

2022 Committees:
4-H Activities/Judging
4-H Benefit (Endowment)
Budget & Finance


The 4-H Advisory Council consists of:

  • Two adults residing within school districts that they represent. They are to be selected by the 4-H advisors from that school district at the Annual 4-H Volunteer Appreciation Banquet (traditionally in early November)
  • One teenage 4-H member from each school district, who is elected by all 4-H advisors from that school district at the Annual 4-H Volunteer Appreciation Banquet.
  • Two representatives from the Hancock County Junior Leadership Club.
  • Four 4-H Advisors at Large (replacements to be elected at the Annual 4-H Volunteer Appreciation Banquet).

Adult committee members shall serve a term of three calendar years. They must be off the committee one year between terms, unless a replacement cannot be found.

Teenage committee members will serve a one-year term and not more than two consecutive terms.

Current Advisory Council Members

Advisors at Large:
Edy Gierke* Kathy McGrain Linda Smith Barb Stamper
Arcadia Gianna Tardibuono* Kirsten Ebright* Shelly Johnson- Fox 
Arlington Laura Clevidence* Mary Ellen Gray  Keith Russell*
Cory Rawson Jacob Miles*  Emily Spaeth  Nicki vonStein*
Findlay Jacob Patterson*  Bruce Depinet Christine Schultz*
Liberty Benton Lillian Conrad* Martha Boyd* Mimi Burner
McComb Sarah Rider* Joann Rider Jill Warren
Riverdale Kellan Gossard* Isaac Sampson  Tish Sampson
Van Buren Rebecca Betts* Jennifer Deiter Beth Marshall*
Vanlue Alexa Brooks* Taylor Kloepfer  Caleb Breece*
Jr Leadership Club Representatives:



* = term expires in 2022

4-H Activities/Judging​​​​​​

Lilly Conrad  Rebecca Betts  Beth Marshall  Keith Russell
Jill Warren  Laura Clevidence Christine Schultz Kathy McGrain 
Alexa Brooks  Jacob Miles  Jacob Patterson  Taylor Kloepfer

4-H Benefit (Endowment)

Toni Altvater Brooke Anspach  Stephanie Beach  Rose Ann Campbell  Betsy Conrad 
Lilly Conrad  April Holland  Jenna Livingston  Barb Stamper  Monica vonStein
Bev Welty*  Jill Woodward  Mary Ellen Gray  Kathy McGrain  Edy Gierke 


Beth Marshall  Bruce Depinet  Keith Russell
Tish Sampson Barb Stamper Nicki vonStein*
Christine Schultz Emily Spaeth  Isaac Sampson

Budget & Finance

Martha Boyd*  Jennifer Deiter 
Joann Rider  Bruce Depinet 
Jacob Patterson Isaac Sampson 
Shelly Johnson-Fox  


Caleb Breece Jennifer Deiter*
Kristen Ebright Kellan Gossard
Jacob Miles  Gianna Tardibuono


Caleb Breece Mimi Burner
Tish Sampson Joann Rider
Sarah Rider  Alexa Brooks
Taylor Kloepfer  


Rebecca Betts Mimi Burner Joann Rider
Keith Russell* Linda Smith Nicki vonStein
Kellan Gossard Sarah Rider Emily Spaeth


Martha Boyd Kristen Ebright Linda Smith
Jill Warren Laura Clevidence Mary Ellen Gray
Edy Gierke Gianna Tardibuono Shelly Johnson-Fox

*indicates chair