Information for members with poultry projects - includes pullets, broilers, turkeys, ducks and geese.

2021 Hancock County Junior Fair Poultry Department Guidelines Form – This form is required to be completed by each Junior Fair exhibitor and submitted by July 31 in order to exhibit at the 2021 fair.

2021 Junior Fair Poultry Department Information – Updated for 2021

2021 Hancock County Junior Fair Poultry Requirement Summary – Revised the Possession Date for Market Ducks & Market Geese.

2021 Understanding the Requirements for Poultry Disease Testing & Health Certificates – Revised first page to clarify what is needed for Market Ducks and Market Geese.

2021 Important Poultry Dates – Revised to reflect changes due to COVID-19.

2021 Hancock County DUNF Example – Poultry – Brand new document

2021 Hancock County Junior Fair Poultry Department Health Certificate Submission form

2021 Hancock County Junior Fair Poultry Partial Terminal Designation form

Poultry Project Resources

Helpful Links American Bantam Association American Poultry Association - publishes the American Standard of Perfection, a book showing standard and bantam breeds of poultry International Waterfowl Breeders Association Lists of breeders and general infomation about the Ohio National Poultry Show (returning November 2016) Widely circulated newspaper among fancy poultry enthusiasts