Information for members with pet care projects including cat, guinea pig, hamster, germil, mice, rat, chinchilla, ferret, hedgehogs, etc. and PetPAL projects

Learning activity suggestions for members with cavies, or pocket pets - divided into beginner, intermediate, & advanced level ideas

Companion Animal Project Resources

These projects are judged at the Miscellaneous Project Judging.

4-H members should be prepared to answer questions about their project and will need to bring:

  • your small animal
  • your completed project book
  • an educational display or poster

Pet PALS Information

For the PetPALS project - youth must belong to a club or group with a "trained master 4-H PetPAL Volunteer Leader". Hancock County does have a trained volunteer leader so please contact our office for more information before registering for this project. Phone 419-422-3851.

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