Judging Day 2 - July 14, 2021


365.02 – Self Determined: Creative Arts
1st Troy Moses Biglick Buckeyes
2nd Sarah Rider Northwest Stars
3rd Mackenzi Welch Country Critters
365.03 – Self Determined: Babysitting
1st Madison Schroeder Northwest Stars
2nd Olivia Kline Northwest Stars
365.06 – Self Determined: Camp Counseling
1st Karissa Welte Junior Leadership
2nd Elizabeth Williams Lakeland Leaders
3rd Emma Henry Rocky Ford Guys & Gals
371 – Club Leadership 1
1st Allyson DePuy Jolly Jacksons
2nd Anna Rider Junior Leadership
372 – Diversity
1st Kaila Bowen Junior Leadership
375 – Leadership Road Trip
1st Aiden Mowrey Prospectors
2nd Lilyann Keller Junior Leadership
3rd Laura Clevidence Jolly Jacksons
377 – Finding Your Voice
1st Mattie Huber Gold Star
387 – Here, There, Ag Careers are Everywhere
1st Abby Breece Junior Leadership
2nd Megan Inbody All Around Champions
409 – Sew Fun, Junior
1st Claire Kramer Magic Makers
2nd Allee VanAtta Northwest Stars
3rd Isabella Norway Blue-Ribbon Stock
409 – Sew Fun, Senior
1st Edyie Brindle Riverbend 4H
410 – Designed by Me
1st Brylee Schroeder Northwest Stars
2nd Tenley Schroeder Northwest Stars
3rd Audree Montgomery Dirt Don't Hurt
411 – em-bel-lish
1st Ava McILroy Jolly Jacksons
412 – Sew for Others
1st Elyse Boes Biglick Buckeyes
413 – Sundresses & Jumpers
1st Emma Garmatter Gold Star
2nd Emry Hemmer Lucky Star
420 – Outerwear for Anywhere
1st Mackenzie Schroeder Northwest Stars
430 – Shopping Savvy
1st Brenna Frankart Lucky Star
432M – Sewing & Textile Master
1st Caitlin Vollmar Hancock Hareraisers
459 – Let’s Start Cooking
1st Ainsley George Biglick Buckeyes
2nd Amelia Stamper Riverbend 4H
3rd Emma Chandler Biglick Buckeyes
4th KaraLynn Leszkowicz Science Explorers 4-H Club
5th Morgan Inbody All Around Champions
6th Claira Bowser Northwest Stars
461 – Let’s Bake Quick Breads
1st Caleb Baumunk Country Bumpkins
462 – Yeast Breads on the Rise
1st Mattie Huber Gold Star
2nd Madison Gaerke Riverbend 4H
463 – Sports Nutrition: Ready, Set, Go!
1st Erica Patterson Millstream Farmers
2nd Katherine Boucher Magic Makers
467 – You’re the Chef
1st Abby Breece His Kids
2nd Caitlin Vollmar Hancock Hareraisers
469 – The Global Gourmet
1st Alyssa Nau Buttons & Bows
2nd Madelyn Jenkins Lucky Star
472 – Grill Master, Junior
1st Adelyn Amspaugh Millstream Farmers
2nd Samuel Boucher Magic Makers
3rd Ruari McCarty Biglick Buckeyes
4th Trevor Welch Country Critters
5th Robert Greiner Lucky Star
6th Benjamin Jenkins Lucky Star
472 – Grill Master, Senior
1st Micah Lee Science Explorers 4-H Club
477 – Party Planner
1st Caitlyn Curry Millstream Farmers
484 – Snack Attack!
1st Mason Hughes Blue-Ribbon Stock
2nd Dexter Stripe Dirt Don't Hurt
3rd Donovan Stripe Dirt Don't Hurt
4th Carissa Lee Science Explorers 4-H Club
5th Caleb Baumunk Country Bumpkins
487 – Take a Break for Breakfast
1st Brianne Curry Millstream Farmers
2nd Samantha DePuy Jolly Jacksons
3rd Madison Beckman Northwest Stars
492B – Cake Decorating Beginning, Junior
1st Addilyn Roberts CMC Town & Country Kids
2nd Grace Cade Hancock Hareraisers
3rd Isaac Launder Magic Makers
4th Ava McILroy Jolly Jacksons
5th Addison Inbody All Around Champions
6th Brianne Saum Country Bumpkins
492B – Cake Decorating Beginning, Senior
1st Irene Rodriguez His Kids
2nd Evelynn Rodriguez His Kids
492i – Cake Decorating Intermediate, Senior
1st Morgan Huber Gold Star
495 – Your First Home Away from Home
1st Kaila Bowen Rocky Ford Guys & Gals
496 – My Favorite Things
1st Gracin Romero Clever Clovers
497 – Scrapbooking, 1st year
1st Mattie Huber Gold Star
497 – Scrapbooking, 2nd year or more
1st Kellan Gossard Magic Makers
498 – Quilting the Best Better, Quilt 2
1st Olivia Johnson SoHanCo Livestockers
2nd Megan Inbody All Around Champions
499 – You Can Quilt, Quilt 1
1st Alexandria Johnson Riverbend 4H
584 – Photography Basics
1st Madison Beckman Northwest Stars
2nd Jarrett Birkemeier Pride of Pleasant
3rd Natalie Waltz Buttons & Bows
4th Stella Sherick Buttons & Bows
5th Molly Like Northwest Stars
6th Matthew Horton His Kids
586 – Mastering Photography
1st Madelyn Jenkins Lucky Star
588 – The Writer in You
1st Mattie Huber Gold Star
2nd Allyson Depuy Jolly Jacksons
3rd Paige Clevenger Country Bumpkins
592 – Get Started in Art, Junior
1st Chase Gossard Magic Makers
2nd Caleb Baumunk Country Bumpkins
592 – Get Started in Art, Senior
1st Lilyann Keller Horsemasters
2nd Mackenzi Welch Country Critters
593 – Seeing Through Graphic Design
1st Laura Clevidence Jolly Jacksons