Judging Day 1 - August 6, 2020

2020 Judging Results – Judging Day 1


173 Horseless Horse

1st                 Lily Stephan                       Lucky Star

2nd          James Vance                      His Kids


200 All About Dogs – Ages 8-10

1st           Adelyn Amspaugh           Millstream Farmers

2nd          Allison Clark                        Magic Makers

3rd           Stella Sherick                     Buttons & Bows

4th           Izzy Adams                          K- Best Friends


200 All About Dogs – Ages 14-18

1st           Garrison Holland               Hancock Hareraisers


201D You and Your Dog – Ages 11-13

1st           Elli Inbody                           Raise the Bar

2nd          Allison Stuckey                  Blue-Ribbon Stock

3rd           Jayden Dennis                   K-9 Best Friends


201D You and Your Dog – Ages 14-18

1st           Caitlin Quinlan                   K-9 Best Friends

2nd          Allyson Patterson             Raise the Bar

3rd           Jacob Patterson                Raise the Bar

4th           Dakotah Treece                Millstream Farmers


216 Purr-fect Pals – Ages 8-10

1st           Jacob Kinn                           Science Explorers

2nd          Nolan Steinman                Jolly Jacksons

3rd           Lynden King                        Magic Makers

4th           Aryana Conine                   Lucky Horseshoes

5th           Althea Berry                       Riverbend


217 Climbing Up – Ages 8-12

1st           Abbey Miles                       Blue-Ribbon Stock


218 Leaping Forward

1st           Levi Rash                             Riverbend


220 Pocket Pets

1st           Caitlynn Beach                  Blue-Ribbon Stock


227 Pet Rabbit – Ages 11-13

1st           Kateland Keefe                 Lakeland Leaders

2nd          Kate King                             Magic Makers


227 Pet Rabbit – Ages 14-18

1st           Tommy Keefe                    Lakeland Leaders

2nd          Caitlin Vollmar                   Hancock Hareraisers


245 All Systems Go!

1st           Sara Lynch                           Lakeland Leaders

2nd          Lukas McILroy                   Jolly Jacksons


300 You’re the Athlete – Junior

1st           Sarah Rider                         Northwest Stars


352 Keeping Fit – Junior

1st           Ava Cramer                         Rocky Ford Guys & Gals


353 First Aid in Action – Junior

1st           Brenna Frankart                Lucky Star

2nd          Elyse Boes                           Biglick Buckeyes

3rd           David Greiner                    Lucky Star

4th           Claire Bryan                        Northwest Stars

5th           Maddie George                Biglick Buckeyes


Self Determined – Junior

1st           Grace Cade                         Hancock Hareraisers


Self Determined – Senior

1st           Dalton McComas              Millstream Farmers

2nd          Allyson Patterson             Raise the Bar

3rd           Garrison Holland               Hancock Hareraisers

4th           Alexis Lynch                        Hancock Hareraisers

5th           Tori Ban Buskirk                                Magic Makers

6th           Mattie Huber                     Gold Star


Self Determined – Natural Resources

1st           Lily Keller                             Horsemasters

2nd          McKenna Morey              Jolly Shepherds


365.13 Reptiles and Amphibians

1st           Mason Hughes                  Blue-Ribbon Stock


405 The Laundry Project

1st           Aiden Mowrey                  Prospectors

2nd          Lea Altvater                        Riverbend


442 Family History Treasure Hunt

1st           Allyson Patterson             Raise the Bar

2nd          Emma Garver                    Gold Star


445 Becoming Money Wise

1st           Grant Rider                         Junior Leadership

2nd          Peyton Hutton                         Lakeland Leaders


448 Teens on the Road to Financial Success

1st           Bo Tooman                         Clever Clovers

2nd          Anna Rider                          Junior Leadership

3rd           Selia Leader                        Northwest Stars

4th           Marissa Leader                 Northwest Stars


490 Science Fun with Dairy Food

1st           Carissa Lee                          Science Explorers


493 Science Fun with Kitchen Chemistry

1st           Caitlin Vollmar                   Hancock Hareraisers


500 Science Fun with Physics

1st           Jarrett Birkemeier            Pride of Pleasant


501 Rockets Away (2-liter bottles)

1st           Dexter Stripe                     Dirt Don’t Hurt


508 Robotics 2: EV3N More

1st           Alexander Eaton               Science Explorers


512M Robotics Master

1st           Kenneth Lee                      Science Explorers

2nd          Andrew Lee                        Science Explorers


527 Magic of Electricity

1st           Lukas McILroy                   Jolly Jacksons


529 Wired for Power

1st           Brandon Russell                Science Explorers


540 Not Just Knots – Junior

1st           Gracin Romero                  Clever Clovers


541 Crank It Up

1st           Anna Durliat                       Horsemasters

2nd          Trever Brown                     Lucky Star


542 Warm It Up

1st           Luke Grady                         Millstream Farmers


543 Tune It Up

1st           Micah Lee                           Science Explorers


552 Tractor Operations: Gearing Up for Safety

1st           Zachary Altvater               Riverbend


553 Moving Out: Learning About Your Tractor and Farm Machinery

1st           Jacob Deiter                       Rocky Ford Guys & Gals


556 Measuring Up – Junior

1st           Madelyn George              Biglick Buckeyes

2nd          Hudson Lee                        Pride of Pleasant

3rd           Madilyn Smith                   Clever Clovers

4th           Logan Inbody                     All Around Champions

5th           Austin Inbody                    All Around Champions

6th           Adam Warren                    Blue-Ribbon Stock


557 Making the Cut – Junior

1st           Lily Grady                            Millstream Farmers

2nd          Gavin Dissinger                 His Kids

3rd           Conner Ebanks                  Northwest Stars

4th           Carson Conley                   Country Bumpkins

5th           Jayden Dennis                   K-9 Best Friends


573 Arcs and Sparks

1st           Jacob Kinn                           Science Explorers

2nd          Boden Deter                      Clever Clovers

3rd           Adam Warren                    Blue-Ribbon Stock


611 Explore the Outdoors

1st           Matthew Horton              His Kids


612 Geology: Can You Dig It?

1st           Landon Huber                    Gold Star


621 Ohio Birds

1st           Robert Greiner                  Lucky Star

2nd          Paige Fout                           Gold Star


622 Trapping Muskrats in Ohio

1st           Jacob Patterson                Raise the Bar


623 Outdoor Adventurer: Beginning Fishing

1st           Chase Gossard                  Magic Makers

2nd          Matthew Leader              Northwest Stars


624 Outdoor Adventurer: Intermediate Fishing

1st           Erica Patterson                 Millstream Farmers


630 Safe Use of Guns

1st           Kiden Lynch                        Lakeland Leaders

2nd          Sara Lynch                           Lakeland Leaders

3rd           Aiden Lynch                        Lakeland Leaders

4th           Elyse Boes                           Biglick Buckeyes

5th           Lane Banner                       Buttons & Bows

6th           Andrew Lee                        Science Explorers


631 Basic Archery

1st           Ethan Rider                         Northwest Stars


641 Beekeeping Project – Junior

1st           Carrie Ludwig                     Gold Star

2nd          Becca Ludwig                     Gold Star


641 Beekeeping Project – Senior

1st           Kiden Lynch                        Lakeland Leaders


645 Insect Adventures 2

1st           Donovan Stripe                 Dirt Don’t Hurt


670 Canning and Freezing

1st           Emma Garmatter             Gold Star


671 How Does Your Garden Grow?

1st           Michael Patterson           Millstream Farmers

2nd          McKenna Morey              Jolly Shepherds

3rd           James Vance                      His Kids

4th           Elizabeth Nagy                  Jolly Jacksons


691 Grow Your Own Vegetables

1st           Jacob Best                           Jolly Jacksons

2nd          Erica Patterson                 Millstream Farmers

3rd           Aiden Lee                            Pride of Pleasant

4th           McKenna Morey              Jolly Shepherds

5th           Emmett Morey                 Jolly Shepherds

6th           Nicholas Clark                    Rock-N-Roll