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Betsey Rossman is the Hancock County Fair Jr Fair Coordinator.

Phone 419-423-1373, send email, or FAX 419-429-7346 to Betsey.

Link to Hancock County Fair website

Jr Fair Board Application - due October __ to the Junior Fair Office

Beef Queen Application - due February 14 to Senior Fair Office or Hancock County Extension Office

Lamb & Wool Queen Application - due March 20 by 3pm to Senior Fair Office or Hancock County Extension Office

Junior Fair Royalty Application - due last Friday of July to the Junior or Senior Fair Office by 5pm

Duke and Duchess Application - due August __ to the Extension Office by 6pm at time of interview

Canine Royalty Application - due last Friday of July to the Junior or Senior Fair Office by 5pm

Dairy Feeder Royalty Application - due last Friday of July to the Junior or Senior Fair Office by 5pm

Draft Horse Royalty Application - due July __, see application for address

Goat Royalty Application - due last Friday of July to the Junior or Senior Fair Office by 5pm

Poultry Royalty Application - due last Friday of July to the Junior or Senior Fair Office by 5pm

Rabbit Royalty Application - due last Friday of July to the Junior or Senior Fair Office by 5pm

Swine Royalty Application - due last Friday of July to the Junior or Senior Fair Office by 5pm


2020 Hancock County Junior Fair Theme:

This year’s fair theme is: “Cheers to the Next 100 Years”

Participation guidelines

4-H members who have participated in 4-H project judging or livestock interviews are eligible to participate in Hancock County Jr Fair.

Participating in the Hancock County Fair is NOT a completion of the 4-H project. The fair is an opportunity to share the accomplishments of each member/exhibitor with fair visitors. The Hancock County Agricultural Society, the Jr Fair Premium Book, the Code of Ethics, and the Code of Practices, govern the Junior Fair. All Jr Fair rules are printed in the Hancock Co. Jr Fair Premium Book.

Online Entry Instructions

Click here for JR FAIR LIVESTOCK ENTRY instructions

Entries are due July 31, 2020 at midnight.

Link to fair instructions & weigh-in schedule, also info on livestock exhibitor poster contest

Drug Use Notification Forms

The Ohio Department of Agriculture has mandated that Drug Use Notification Forms be required for market steers (including dairy), hogs, lambs, goats, and poultry; also veal calves, and lactating goats and dairy cattle.

Jr Fair Premiums

All livestock premiums are paid out during the fair. (1-4 pm daily, next day after the completion of all shows for that department) Premiums not picked up by fair end are considered forfeited.

Quality Assurance & Sportsmanship Requirements

(updated 3/19/2020 to reflect changes as a result of COVID-19) 

Quality Assurance Training (QA) is required by the Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA) for all livestock producers. This includes youth livestock exhibitors. Hancock County Ag Society requires all youth members exhibiting livestock at the 2020 Hancock County Fair to complete QA by July 10, 2020 prior to show, to meet ODA’s requirements. If you are exhibiting at the Ohio State Fair, please be aware, you must complete QA 45 days prior to exhibit.

  • Youth, age 15 as of January 1, may choose the Quality Assurance test out option. Passing this test, given each February, with at least a 76% will excuse you from QA training for the duration of your 4-H career. If you do not pass this test, you must wait until the following February to retest.
  • Youth, age 12 8 as of January 1, who are officially enrolled in 4-H and/or FFA livestock/food animal projects and who intend to show their project animal at exhibition (e.g., county or state fair) have the option to complete an online Youth for the Quality Care for Animals (YQCA) session. YQCA is in partnership with The Ohio State University’s College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (CFAES), OSU Extension 4-H Youth Development program and ODA. For the training to meet the Ohio Youth Food Animal QA requirement for the project year:
    • Youth MUST be 12 8 years or older as of January 1, 2020 (4-H age).
    • The online module MUST be completed for the correct 4-H age for the youth. If not, you are required to repay and retake the correct module or attend QA in person.
    • The online module must be completed prior to show by July 10 for Hancock County Fair or 45 days before Ohio State Fair show.
    • You must complete the annual online session within the QA calendar year (Oct. 1- Sept. 31).
    • Click here for a quick training YQCA module

Other online courses do not meet the Ohio Youth Food Animal QA certification requirements (ie. BQA, PQA, BEST, etc.)

  • Youth can go to the following website to take the age-appropriate on-line module for $12. Paid by the individual or family https://yqca.learngrow.io/Account/Login
  • Youth will need their oh.4honline.com login and password. This is your family email and password you use to enroll in 4-H. Results will automatically populate on your 4HOnline.com profile.
  • There is no online test out option. Youth 15 years old are encouraged to test out at the Extension Office during the month of February.

All first year Jr livestock exhibitors AND a parent/guardian must attend  a Good Sportsmanship Workshop provided by Hancock Co. Jr Fair.

All returning Jr livestock exhibitors AND a parent/guardian must indicate awareness of Jr Fair Sportsmanship as part of their online entry process.

Animal Date of Ownership Requirements (2020) - check Hancock County Junior Fairbook for updates

  • Jan. 1 - Market steers (mandatory registration/tagging advertised Saturday of January at the Fairgrounds)
  • First Saturday of April - Dairy Feeder Calves (registered via 4-H enrollment; tagging, vaccination & weigh-in on first Thursday in June at the Fairgrounds)
  • April 30 - Pullets, Cockerels
  • June 1 - Market Ducks & Geese (born no earlier than October 1 of the previous year)
  • June 1 - Poultry
  • June 1 - Turkeys (hatched no earlier than April 15)
  • June 1 - Beef Breeding & Beef Calves
  • June 1 - Dogs (paperwork due to 4-H office by June 1)
  • June 1 - Goats (tagged & weighed first Thursday of June)
  • June 1 - Horses & Ponies (ID cards & leases due to 4-H office by June 1); All members must submit liability waiver & sign the safety & ethics form prior to riding at a 4-H event
  • June 1 - Llamas (lease agreement to 4-H office by 6/1 if applicable)
  • June 1 - Market Hogs
  • June 1 - Market Lambs & Breeding Sheep (weigh in & tagged first Thursday in June)
  • June 1 - Rabbits other than meat pens (tattooed first Monday of August)
  • 7-9 weeks prior to fair - Meat Chickens
  • August 1 - Rabbit Meat Pens (tattooed first Monday of August, at the Fairgrounds)
  • August 1 - Beef Feeders tagged at the fairgrounds

All 4-H livestock projects must be owned and cared for by the 4-H member with the exception of horses & llamas. (If the member prefers, horses and llamas may be leased.) All 4-H livestock projects (including horses & llamas) must be under the exclusive care of the member by June 1.

Livestock Substitution

No substitution of livestock may be made after June 1, with the exception of all steers which must be selected & on feed by January 1 each year and no changes can be made after that time.

Project Entries

Livestock project entries are due lst Friday of July.

No entries are required for non-livestock projects (4-H staff will convey project grade information to Jr Fair staff). Projects are displayed in the Youth Building in the miscellaneous or the member's club booth. To receive a Jr Fair premium your project must be judged & grade submitted to 4-H office by August 1; and you must exhibit the project at the fair.

Youth who exhibit their projects will receive:

  • $3 premium for Superior or Outstanding
  • $2 for Good or Needs Improvement