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Week of November 4
Courier, Nov 5 USDA releases rules for hemp
MON Nov 4 Harvest Days Impact Your Corn
TUE Nov 5 Cover Crops for Marestail Control
WED Nov 6 Wheat Wednesday - Check Your Wheat Stand
THU Nov 7 Collecting Soil Test Samples
FRI Nov 8 The Brown Marmorated Stink Bug
Week of October 28
Courier, Oct 29 Insects ready to invade homes
MON Oct 28 OSU Income Tax School
TUE Oct 29 Corn Drydown
WED Oct 30 Wheat Wednesday - Manure Applications of Wheat
THU Oct 31 Fall Marestail Control for Soybeans
FRI Nov 1 Pick Your Fall Garden Produce
Week of October 21
Courier, Oct 22 Time to tackle winter annuals
MON Oct 21 Safety during Fall Harvest
TUE Oct 22 Ear Molds and Rots in Corn
WED Oct 23 Wheat Wednesday - Late Planting Adjustments
THU Oct 24 Controlling Bienniels & Perennials
FRI Oct 25 Entomology - Millipedes
Week of October 14
Courier, Oct 15 It's harvest time: Drivers be alert
MON Oct 14 Check Corn for Lodging Potential
TUE Oct 15 Late Season Soybean Insects
WED Oct 16 Wheat Wednesday - Marestail Control
THU Oct 17 Frost Concerns on Forage Sorghums
FRI Oct 18 Protecting Yard Plants from Frost
Week of October 7
Courier, Oct 8 Safety considerations to prevent combine fires
MON Oct 7 Nutrient Management Workshop
TUE Oct 8 October Weather Forecast
WED Oct 9 Seeding Cover Crops
THU Oct 10 Avoiding Combine Fires
FRI Oct 11 Entomology - Yellow Jacket Wasps
Week of September 30
Courier, Oct 1 Youth labor on farm restricted
MON Sept 30 Check your Yield Minotor for Harvest
TUE Oct 1 Estimating Corn Yields
WED Oct 2 Wheat Wednesday - Wheat after Wheat
THU Oct 3 Harvest Moisture for Corn Silage
FRI Oct 4 Horticulture - Tar Spot on Maple Trees
Week of September 23
Courier, Sept 24 Alternatives for creating this season's wheat crop
MON Sept 23 Fall Weather Forecast Update
TUE Sept 24 September Crop Projections
WED Sept 25 Wheat Wednesday - Wheat Planting Tips
THU Sept 26 OSU Hemp Research to begin
FRI Sept 27 Horticulture - No Turfgrass Rust
Week of September 16
Courier, Sept 17 When will corn crop be 'safe'?
MON Sept 16 Western Bean Cutworm Survey
TUE Sept 17 Harvest Prep for Yield Monitors
WED Sept 18 Wheat Wednesday - Fry Free Date
THU Sept 19 Fall Grazing Management
FRI Sept 20 Horticulture - Planting Bulbs
Week of September 9
Courier, Sept 10 Ragweed is bad news for those who suffer from hay fever
MON Sept 9 The Farm Science Review
TUE Sept 10 Corn Development
WED Sept 11 Possible Wheat Issues
THU Sept 12 Late Soybean Diseases
FRI Sept 13 Bad Year for Bag Worms
Week of September 2
Courier, Sept 3 Hover flies are just annoying; bit of horse fly is memorable
MON Sept 2 Office Closed - Labor Day
TUE Sept 3 Harvest Weather Predictions
WED Sept 4 Hemp Production Update
THU Sept 5 Final Alfalfa Cutting
FRI Sept 6 Entomology - Hover Flies
Week of August 26
Courier, Aug 27 3 big events: Hancock County Fair, barn tour, Farm Science Review
MON Aug 26 Hancock County Fair Opens Wednesday
TUE Aug 27 Corn Ear Worms
WED Aug 28 Soybean Fungicides
THU Aug 29 Risk of Frost for Corn
FRI Aug 30 Entomology - Wolf Spiders
Week of August 19
Courier, Aug 20 Some weeds toxic to livestock
MON Aug 19 U.S. August Crop Report
TUE Aug 20 Hancock County Crop Acres
WED Aug 21 Soybean Reproductive Stages
THU Aug 22 ODA Forage Field Day
FRI Aug 23 Horticulture - August Fruit and Lawn Chores
Week of August 12
Courier, Aug 13 Corn needs a good rain shower
MON Aug 12 Tissue Analysis for Corn & Beans
TUE Aug 13 Soybean Defoliating Insects
WED Aug 14 Wheat Performance Trials
THU Aug 15 Establishing Fall Alfalfa
FRI Aug 16 Horticulture - Black Walnut Trees & Gardens
Week of August 5
Courier, Aug 6 Cropland values, cash rents both declining in area counties
MON Aug 5 Annual meetings of Ag Groups
TUE Aug 6 Corn Pollination Time
WED Aug 7 Western Bean Cutworm
THU Aug 8 Time to Plant Fall Forages
FRI Aug 9 Entomology - Cicada Killer Wasps
Week of July 29
Courier, July 30 Keep viburnum leaf bettle in check
MON July 29 Manure Science Review (Aug 7)
TUE July 30 Soybean Cyst Nematode Survey
WED July 31 Wheat Wednesdsay - Marestail Control
THU Aug 1 New Soil Fertility Fact Sheets
FRO Aug 2 Horticulture - Pick Vegetables to Induce More
Week of July 22
Courier, July 23 2 pigweed species are a concern
MON July 22 Tree Diagnostic Workshop
TUE July 23 Scout for Tough Pigweeds
WED July 24 Wheat Harvest Report
THU July 25 Steps to Minimize Spray Drift
FRI July 26 Horticulture - Weather Effects on Tomatoes
Week of July 15
Courier, July 16 Extreme heat can be dangerous
MON July 15 Soybean Development
TUE July 16 The Soybean Gall Midge
WED July 17 Wheat Wednesday - Nutrient Value Wheat Straw
THU July 18 Entomology - Potato Leaf Hopper
FRI July 19 Horticulture - Fire Blight
Week of July 8
Courier, July 9 Beef producers face forage shortage
MON July 8 The Climate-Smart Meeting
TUE July 9 Root Worm hatch
WED July 10 4-R Technology Review Field Day
THU July 11 Corn Yield Development
FRI July 12 Entomology - Japanese Beetle
Week of July 1
Courier, July 2 Selecting a steak for the grill
MON July 1 July Weather Forecast
TUE July 2 Wet Weather and Soybean Stands
WED July 3 Wheat Wednesday - Don't Delay Harvest
THU July 4 No Radio - Independence Day
FRI July 5 Entomology - Vibrunum Leaf Bettle
Week of June 24
Courier, June 25 It's time to battle bagworms
MON June 24 Planting Situation
TUE June 25 Corn Development
WED June 26 Wheat Wednesday - Harvest Preparations
THU June 27 Sidedressing Nitrogen
FRI June 28 Entomology - Bagworms
Week of June 17
Courier, June 18 Poison hemlock thrives this year
MON June 17 Scout Corn for Emergence Problems
TUE June 18 Early Soybean Diseases
WED June 19 Wheat Wednesday - Condition Update
THU June 20 Entomology - Slugs
FRI June 21 Horticulture - Wild Parsnip
Week of June 10
Courier, June 11 June 20 field day to focus on latest water quality research
MON June 10 NW Ohio Ag Research Field Day
TUE June 11 Detroit River Phosphorus Loading in Lake Erie
WED June 12 Poison Hemlock
THU June 13 Drying Hay
FRI June 14 Horticulture - Sycamore Anthracnose
Week of June 3
Courier, June 4 It's decision time for farmers
MON June 3 Prevented Planting Option for Corn
TUE June 4 Soybean Variety Changes
WED June 5 Wheat Wednesday - Checking for Head Scab
THU June 6 Cressleaf Groundsel aka Senecio
FRI June 7 Horticulture - Spring Yard Care
Week of May 27
Courier, May 28 Butterweed is thriving this year
MON May 27 Memorial Day - No radio
TUE May 28 Corn Emergence
WED May 29 Bean Germination & Emergence
THU May 30 Applying Manure to Planted Crops
FRI May 31 Horticulture - Planting Sweet Corn
Week of May 20
Courier, May 21 Weather conditions, not planting date, most important for corn yields
MON May 20 Killing Large Cover Crop Plants
TUE May 21 Corn Adjustments for Late Planting
WED May 22 Wheat Wednesday - Head Scab
THU May 23 Wheel Traffic on Alfalfa
FRI May 24 Entomology - Spraying for Gypsy Moth
Week of May 13
Courier, May 14 Weed-control tips for soybeans
MON May 13 Economic Impact of Agriculture
TUE May 14 Livestock and Greenhouse Gas
WED May 15 Fungicide Decisions
THU May 16 Alfalfa Weevil
FRI May 17 Entomology - Carpenter Bees
Week of May 6
Courier, May 7 Wet weather causes problems for wheat farmers
MON May 6 How to avoid ticks
TUE May 7 Soybean Row Spacing & Seed Depth
WED May 8 Wheat Wednesday - Foliar Wheat Diseases
THU May 9 Hay Cutting Time
FRI May 10 Let's Go Gardening / Tomato Seedlings
Week of April 29
Courier, April 30 Tips for planting spring forages
MON Apr 29 Planting Season Weather Forecast
TUE Apr 30 Seed Treatments in Soybeans
WED May 1 Wheat Wednesday - Wheat Growth Update
THU May 2 Water Quality Improvements
FRI May 3 Callery Pear Trees
Week of April 22
Courier, April 23 Busy time coming on rural roads
MON Apr 22 Corn Planting Tips
TUE Apr 23 Planting Date for Soybeans
WED Apr 24 Jointing in Wheat
THU Apr 25 Corn Planting Depth
FRI Apr 26 Horticulture - Yard & Garden Activities
Week of April 15
Courier, April 16 Easter lily a native of Japan
MON Apr 15 Ag Equipment on the Road
TUE Apr 16 Planting Date for Corn
WED Apr 17 Wheat Wednesday - 4-17 Report Failed Acreage
THU Apr 18 Herbicide Resistant Soybeans
FRI Apr 19 Horticulture - Spring Blooming Bulbs
Week of April 8
Courier, April 9 Hancock soybeans break records
MON Apr 8 Pipeline Myths About Safe Digging
TUE Apr 9 Burndown on Cover Crops
WED Apr 10 Applying Liquid Swine Manure
THU Apr 11 Spring Pasture Concerns
FRI Apr 12 Horticulture - Choosing and Easter Lily
Week of April 1
Courier, April 2 Ohio Specialty Crop Registry: Risk-management tool for producers
MON Apr 1 USDA County Crop Yields for 2018
TUE Apr 2 Starter Fertilizer for Corn
WED Apr 3 Scouting Soybean Fields for Marestail
THU Apr 4 Assessing Your Alfalfa Stands
FRI Apr 5 Horticulture/Entomology - Phenology Calendar
Week of March 25
Courier, March 26 Insects getting ready to bug you
MON Mar 25  
TUE Mar 26 Back Yard Chickens for Rent
WED Mar 27 Nitrogen Timing & Rates
THU Mar 28 Spring Seeding of Forages
FRI Mar 29 Horticulture - Early Spring Activities
Week of March 18
Courier, March 19 Ohio Senate eyes hemp legislation
MON Mar 18 Spring Spraying
TUE Mar 19 Spray Tanks & Water Quality
WED Mar 20 Stand Evaluation
THU Mar 21 Renovating Pastures in Spring
FRI Mar 22 Horticulture - Cool Season Vegetables
Week of March 11
Courier, March 12 Some wheat fields had rough winter
MON Mar 11 Spring Weather Outlook
TUE Mar 12 USDA First Crop Projections
WED Mar 13 Top-Dress Timing
THU Mar 14 Fertilizer / Pesticide Recertification
FRI Mar 15 Horticulture - March Yard Activities
Week of March 4
Courier, March 5 Hemp not yeat a legal Ohio crop
MON Mar 4 Farmers Share Breakfast
TUE Mar 5 USDA Ag Outlook Forum Review
WED Mar 6 Enlist E3 Soybeans
THU Mar 7 Alfalfa Varieties
FRI Mar 8 Horticulture - Boxwood Blight
Week of February 25
Courier, February 26 Farmers' share isn't very much
MON Feb 25 Upgraded Agronomy Field Guide
TUE Feb 26 Milk Labeling Law
WED Feb 27 Wheat Wednesday - Early Topdress
THU Feb 28 Forage Frost Seedings
FRI Mar 1 Horticulture - What to do now for Indoor Plants
Week of February 18
Courier, February 19 Conservation Tillage and Technology Conference coming to ONU
MON Feb 18 CTC- Conservation Tillage and Technology Conference
TUE Feb 19 Lake Earie Bill of Rights
WED Feb 20 Wheat Wednesday - Estimating Winter Wheat Kill
THU Feb 21 Ohio Nutrient Application Definitions
FRI Feb 22 Horticulture - Late Winter Garden Activities
Week of February 11
Courier, February 12 Frost seeding and frost quakes
MON Feb 11 Ohio Soybean Management Workshop
TUE Feb 12 Ohio Woodland, Water, Wildlife Conference
WED Feb 13 Wheat Wednesday - Winter Weather Effects
THU Feb 14 Superbowl Beer Commercial
FRI Feb 15 Horticulture - Native Plants for Shady Areas
Week of February 4
Courier, February 5 Caring for cattle in cold conditions
MON Feb 4 Ohio Forage & Grasslands Council Meeting
TUE Feb 5 Strategies for Tight Grain Markets
WED Feb 6 Tips to Limit Dicamba Movement
THU Feb 7 OEFFA Conference (Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association)
FRI Feb 8 Horticulture - Understanding Seed Catalogs
Week of January 28
Courier, January 29 Webinar offered to cattle producers
MON Jan 28 Ag Hall of Fame Nominations
TUE Jan 29 Beef School
WED Jan 30 NW Ohio Field Crops Day
THU Jan 31 Superbowl and the Ag Industry
FRI Feb 1 Salt Damage to Landscape
Week of January 21
Courier, January 22 Nominations sought for Agriculture Hall of Fame
MON Jan 21 Government Shutdown Effects on Ag
TUE Jan 22 China Aproves Some GMO Lines
WED Jan 23 Nebraska Cover Crop Study
THU Jan 24 Toxin Issues in Late Harvested Corn
FRI Jan 25 Horticulture - Full Sun Native Plants
Week of January 14
Courier, January 15 Major agriculture events of 2018
MON Jan 14 FIC Winter Expo / OSU Agronomy Day
TUE Jan 15 Precision Ag - Cleaning your Data
WED Jan 16 Firewood Sales & Purchase Rules
THU Jan 17 African Swine Fever
FRI Jan 18 Horticulture - Christmas Cactus Care
Week of January 7
Courier, January 8 Farmer training programs offered
MON Jan 7 Industrial Hemp - A Future Crop?
TUE Jan 8 Fertilizer - Pesticide Recertification Meeting
WED Jan 9 Wheat Wednesday
THU Jan 10 First Steps for Quality Cattle
FRI Jan 11 Horticulture - Holiday Cacti
Week of December 31
Courier, January 1 Happy New Year! No article this week.
MON Dec 31 2018 Ag Year in Review
TUE Jan 1 Happy New Year! No radio program
WED Jan 2 Hardin County Ag Breakfast Series
THU Jan 3 2018 Farm Bill
FRI Jan 4 Horticulture - Master Gardener Award
Week of December 24
Courier, December 25 Merry Christmas! No article this week.
MON Dec 24 Reindeer or Caribou
TUE Dec 25 Merry Christmas! No radio program
WED Dec 26 Dicamba Regulation Changes
THU Dec 27 Forage Performance Trials
FRI Dec 28 Holiday Horticulture - Poinsettia Care
Week of December 17
Courier, December 18 Don't let the bedbugs bite!
MON Dec 17 Latest USDA Crop Report for 2018
TUE Dec 18 Soybean Performance Trials
WED Dec 19 2018 Lake Erie Algae Bloom Report
THU Dec 20 Selecting a Corn Hybrid
FRI Dec 21 Horticulture - 2019 Master Gardener Class
Week of December 10
Courier, December 11 Land grant universities changed educational proess in America
MON Dec 10 Reducing Winter Work Injuries
TUE Dec 11 Ohio Corn Performance Trials
WED Dec 12 Winter Storage of Spray Equipment
THU Dec 13 Livestock and Cold Weather
FRI Dec 14 Horticulture - Protect Your Roses
Week of December 3
Courier, December 4 Want to be a Master Gardener?
MON Dec 3 Ohio N-Till Conference (12/11)
TUE Dec 4 Know Your Corn BT Traits
WED Dec 5 Crop Condition/Malting Barley
THU Dec 6 Livestock Preparations for Winter
FRI Dec 7 Christmas Tree Selection
Week of November 26
Courier, November 27 Picking out a real Christmas tree
MON Nov 26 Deer Gun Season Safety Tips
TUE Nov 27 Grain Sprouting - Corn & Beans
WED Nov 28 Post Harvest Combine Cleaning
THU Nov 29 Corn Stalks as a Feed Source
FRI Nov 30 Horticulture - Yard Care & Leaf Raking
Week of November 19
Courier, November 20 Talking turkey on Thanksgiving
MON Nov 19 Beef Quality Assurance Program
TUE Nov 20 Buckeye Shepherds Symposium
WED Nov 21 Turkey Talk
THU Nov 22 Happy Thanksgiving - No radio program
FRI Nov 24 No radio program
Week of November 12
Courier, November 13 Program benefits beef producers
MON Nov 12 Marestail Control Begins Now
TUE Nov 13 Interpreting Your Soil Test
WED Nov 14 Sampling forSoybean Cyst
THU Nov 15  
FRI Nov 16 Fall Yard 'n Garden Clean Up Chores
Week of November 5
Courier, November 6 Most crops fared well this year
MON Nov 5 Harvest Delays Impact on Corn Yield
TUE Nov 6 Cover Crops / Marestail Control in Beans
WED Nov 7 Evaluate Your Wheat Stand
THU Nov 8 Soil Samples and Soil Testing
FRI Nov 9 Horticulture - Clean Up of Garden Peonies
Week of October 29
Courier, October 30 Burning regulated even in country
MON Oct 29 Harvest Weather Update
TUE Oct 30 Soybeans with Green Foliage
WED Oct 31 Wheat Wednesday - Late Fall Weed Control
THU Nov 1 Biennial and Annual Weed Control
FRI Nov 2 Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs
Week of October 22
Courier, October 23 Protect your home from invaders
MON Oct 22 Corn Ear Abnormalities
TUE Oct 23 Year End Soybean Diseases
WED Oct 24 Corn Drydown - What to Expect
THU Oct 25 Summer Weather Data
FRI Oct 26 Hort / Agronomy - Goldenrod
Week of October 15
Courier, October 16 Time to find the perfect pumpkin
MON Oct 15 Ear Molds & Rot on Corn
TUE Oct 16 Fall Harvest Safety Tips
WED Oct 17 Late Wheat Planting
THU Oct 18 Fall Grazing on Grass Pastures
FRI Oct 19 Entomology - Arthropods
Week of October 8
Courier, October 9 Farmers watch for corn ear rot
MON Oct 8 Drive Safely and the SMV Sign
TUE Oct 9 Check Corn for Lodging Potential
WED Oct 10 Wheat Wednesday - Marestail Control
THU Oct 11 Prussic Acid Concerns in Sorghum Forage
FRI Oct 12 Horticulture - Protectin Plants from Frost
Week of October 1
Courier, October 2 Be careful on rural roads at harvest
MON Oct 1 September Crop Projections Up
TUE Oct 2 Late Season Soybeans Insects
WED Oct 3 Manure on New Wheat Fields
THU Oct 4 EQIP Application Deadline
FRI Oct 5 Entomology - Watch Out for Bees