These generalized reports are based upon research of the Department of Agricultural, Environmental and Development Economics at The Ohio State University.
The department also has computer calculation programs that allow producers to customize estimates.

Cash Rents and Cropland Values

Western Ohio Cropland Values and Cash Rents

Helpful Resources for Farm Lease and Rental Decisions:

Software Calculator Programs available from The Ohio State University:

  • Flexible Cash Lease Calculator - Cash Lease with a Bonus Approach
  • Flexible Cash Lease Calculator - Net Return Approach
  • Flexible Cash Lease Calculator - Ratio Approach
  • Crop Share Calculator

Computer Programs

All programs will run on Windows 95, 98, NT & 2000, for assistance contact Barry Ward 614-688-3959

LANDBID - a calculation of the maximum amount that can be paid for farmland, while still having a providable investment

MACHFIN - An analysis of Machine Financing Alternatives

MACHINERY COSTS - An estimation of the costs of operating farm equipment

Custom Farming Rates

These published custom rates are based on a statewide survey of 365 farmers, custom operators, farm managers and landowners conducted in 2016. These rates, except where noted, include the implement and tractor if required, all variable machinery costs such as fuel, oil, lube, twine, etc., and the labor for the operation.

Ohio Farm Custom Rates


Software Calculator Programs available from The Ohio State University:

  • Custom Rate Calculator
  • Machinery Rental Rates Calculator
  • OSU Manure Rate Calculator
  • The Value of Manure