* * The following may be available after the beginning of May * *

Adult and Youth Financial Literacy programming:

  • Money 101: Money 101 is a four-part financial series that focuses on setting goals, tracking spending, setting up a budget, and working towards improving your credit. Cost: $10
  • Manage Your Money Series: Manage Your Money is an Ohio State University Extension online home study course brought to you in a classroom setting. This 6-lesson series covers individual and family values about money; cash flow, income, and expenses; examining your spending habits; developing a budget; and your net worth and financial records. Cost: $20
  • Manage Your Money Email Challenge: 6 Week Financial Wellness Challenge. Coming January 2020! Cost: FREE
  • 7th Grade Financial Series: This five-lesson series helps students learn basic money management practices. Students will learn how to balance a checkbook, the difference between wants and needs, and how to be a savvy shopper. Contact: Jamie Rickle, rickle.7@osu.edu, 419-422-3851
  • Real Money. Real World.: Financial literacy curriculum for 6-12th grade students featuring a real-world simulatin. This program provides young people the opportunity to learn basic money management practices in the classroom and then make simulated lifestyle and budget choices similar to those adults face on a daily basis through a spending simulation. Real Money. Real World. programs thrive because of the partnerships between the county OSU Extension office, schools, the business community, and other caring adults who volunteer at the spending simulations. Contact: Jamie Rickle, rickle.7@osu.edu, 419-422-3851