Serving and Preserving Ohio Foods Webinar Series Recordings Available Anytime

Gardening season is upon us, and many of us are looking forward to enjoying the fresh fruits and vegetables available in Ohio, now and in the months to come. OSU Extension Food Preservation Team hosted “The Food Preservation Five”, a webinar series featuring the most popular and safe ways to preserve your garden harvest as well as a bounty of other foods.  If you are interested in trying canning for first time, or just want to review safe practices and be inspired to try something new, you may access these recordings at any time on the OSU Extension FCS website at:  You may also access last year’s webinars, which featured specific ways to serve and preserve some of Ohio’s most prevalent garden produce, including Beans, Peaches, Corn, Melon, Broccoli/Brussels Sprouts/Cauliflower and Potatoes. 

Ohioline OSU Food Canning Basics Information:

Complete list of Ohioline Selecting Serving and Storing Ohio Produce and Food Preservation Fact Sheets:

All these and more are accessible online at:

National Center for Home Food Preservation

(How-to’s, Recipes, Answers to Frequently Asked  Food Preservation Questions or FAQs):