Volunteer Forms

  • 4-H Advisor Enrollment - enroll after November 1 but due by Feb 15 (follow link to oh.4honline.com to enroll or reenroll - Same link works for members)
  • 4-H Club Yearly Financial Summary  - form due Jan. 20 (10 pts. bonus toward banner club if report is completed by Jan. 20)
  • Background Check (contact the Extension Office for your form) - take this with you for your background check. You will need the number on line 3 and the address on line 5. Return this form and your receipt to the office for reimbursement
  • Banner Club Application - due Sep 15
  • Charter Checklist - due April 1
  • Club Community Service Award - Sep 15
  • Club Equipment Inventory Sheet - due April 1
  • Club Roster (excel file) - this form is for your use. Do not turn this in
  • Meetings at a Glance Worksheet - due April 1
  • New Advisor Application Items - due Jan 25
  • Ohio 4-H Volunteer Re-Enrollment Form (pdf file) - use this form for your volunteers who DO NOT have an email address. Return it to the office ASAP

Member Forms